• Community wallet with 10% of all proceeds.
  • Fair benefit distribution and giveaways.
  • Guaranteed mint on future drop for each Fox owned.


1. Our main focus is and will always be the community. This why from the get go we have decided that the holders will receive all kinds of benefits:  10% belongs to our holders – from the 1st drop onwards  The 10% will be allocated to a community wallet (only the community may decide what happens to the wallet and its funds)
We have thought of a few suggestions for the community funds: – Buy Blue chip NFTS and HODL – Buy a specified crypto currency ETH, BTC and HODL as an investment These are only suggestions and the community may decide to sell off the investments and distribute funds at any given time (the community has full control).
2. Apart from the community wallet, we also want to implement a fair way to provide benefits to all our holder in the community by creating different holder tiers. This will allow the newbie investors who do not have tons of crypto to also stand a fair chance in receiving benefits. Fear not our whales in the community will also form part of their own tier which provides different kind of benefits to them. We have decided to implement this because every single one of our holders are equally important in their own way (without you there will not be a successful project, nor would there be a thriving community).
3. Holders of the series 1 NFT, wil have 1st choice for future drops: guarantee mint for the amount of NFT’s held. We will also have custom NFTs designed for our top holders as well as some of our lucky loyal holders.