F: Family & Friends
O: Originality & Community
X: Exceptional & Extraordinary
H: Hand-drawn & HODL
U: Unique & Authencity
N: Namibia
T: Trust


F is for: FAMILY: We aim to create a virtual family through the help of our CNFT project, which can be ‘’ever expanding’’. We are all very passionate about the NFT space and are very excited for the possibilities which lie ahead. We want to be able to use this opportunity to help our community both virtually and real life.
FRIENDS: This project was started and is being managed by a group of five friends. Two of us initially got into NFTs during the huge boom in September, and after seeing what can be achieved through NFT’s, we decided that we want to start our own project. However, our vision from the start was to separate ourselves from other projects by creating a community which is more like a huge group of friends, rather than just an online community, and which will later develop into one huge family. In Namibia, with a population of about 2 million people, your friends are your family, and everyone is connected somehow. We feel that we are a great mix of people, who care about our community and we want to be able to help you become part of our community, by using this platform. 
O is for: ORIGINALITY: Originality is one of our main focuses, and we want to distinguish ourselves from other CNFT projects. We strive to create a project unlike any other and use original and out-of-the-box ideas for this project and what lies ahead. Any and everything you see in our NFT project is created by ourselves, be it the art, the background of the NFT, the banner on our Twitter etc. For example, some of the pictures used as backgrounds in the NFTs are photos taken by us. In doing this, we are able to incorporate the real world into the digital world of NFTs. You get to experience Africa in an entirely new way. COMMUNITY: We are all aware by now, that community is key, however, we aim to create a natural and thriving community, which consists of people who are as passionate about this space as we are. To show our community our absolute appreciation for them, we want to incorporate our community into our decision-making for the development and the future of the project. Also, we want to create a project in which both investors and believers are rewarded, meaning that investing in us means investing in yourself. 
X is for: EXCEPTIONAL: As mentioned before, we want to distinguish ourselves from other projects in the CNFT ecosystem, by delivering a project with both exceptional art and an exceptional community. EXTRAORDINARY: In order for us to be able to distinguish ourselves from other CNFT projects, we have to do something which makes us stick out and makes us extraordinary. To do this, we have thought of some awesome ideas to set us apart from other projects and create a community like no other. Stick with us, and you might just be pleasantly surprised.
H is for: HAND-DRAWN: All of the art used in our CNFT project is hand-drawn by our super-talented main and back-up artists. Both are incredibly passionate about art and they take pride in the quality thereof as they strive to deliver the best work possible. A little bit more about the main artist – though we were all aware that she was good, she has absolutely blown us away with the final products she has delivered to us. We look forward to seeing where this journey could take her and her passion for art, especially because this gives her an opportunity to do what she loves, rather than having to work an 8 – 5 job for someone else. HODL: One of our main aims is to create a reason for our holders to hold onto our CNFTs, rather than flipping them for a quick buck. We have come up with a few ideas to inspire loyalty to the project, which will truly reward all long-time loyal hodlers in a completely new way. It does not matter if you hodl 100 NFTs or just 1; we strive to create an equal opportunity for everyone to be rewarded. We understand a bit about not being able to whale in on projects (we are from Africa you know).
U is for: UNIQUE: When we initially started thinking about the project and what we wanted to create, the quality of the art immediately became of utmost importance to us. Thus, it is very important to us that we create a unique project, the quality of which alone sets us apart from a lot of other projects and so we want to create a truly unique project for the CNFT ecosystem. AUTHENTICITY: All art used in our project originates from our original ideas and own drawings. We strongly believe in creating an authentic project using our own abilities and ideas, in order to achieve our goal of setting ourselves apart from other projects. We also strive to prove to our community that we truly want to establish ourselves as being authentic and genuine people, who would love to create a thriving community in the CNFT space and reward all loyal supporters.
N is for: NAMIBIA: All five of us are from Namibia, a country in southern Africa, known for its vast wildlife, breath-taking wilderness and being an absolute treat for all tourists visiting this beautiful country. We are incredibly proud to be Namibian and having the opportunity to represent our country in this ever-expanding ecosystem that is NFTs and crypto. We also want to use this opportunity to give back to our community by donating set % of our project proceeds for all future developments, to Namibian charities suggested by us but decided by you the community. Now, you may be asking yourself: Why no second value for N? Well, the answer is: Because there is no country quite like Namibia. 
T is for: TRUST (the most important trait): The main concern for us is to instil trust in our project and our goals and show our community that we want to build something incredible for the future, rather than just making a couple bucks off the project. With so many projects either scamming or rug-pulling their communities, we strive to stray as far from this as possible and build together with our community a sustainable project.