Q1 – 2022
☑️1. Create a thriving community on all social media platforms eg. Discord, Twitter and Instagram
☑️2. Create a website for the project
☑️3. Mint 200 Fox warriors gathered through time and space to battle the humans
4. Donation to charity – 10% proceeds from mint
☑️5. Allocate community wallet proceeds – 10% and provide holder rewards upon successful mint

200 Foxes where minted
660 ADA Allocated to the community wallet.

Q2 – 2022
1. Utilize 5% of proceeds from the mint for project development: marketing and equipment
2. The phase 2 NFT collection has 2 options based on the success of the initial mint:
a. Successful mint of all 5 000 Foxes – 2nd drop will be working Foxes. After the Foxes won the war against the human hunters the Foxes started rebuilding what was lost
b. All 5 000 Foxes not minted – The fox forces where overwhelmed and their leader Foxtronaut had to embark on a new journey to the past to train the young foxes to be better warriors.
3. Giveaways and custom Fox Hunt NFT designs for our top and loyal holders.
Q3 – 2022
1. Do a 3D figurine drop to a few holders based on their actual Fox Hunt NFTs shipped directly to the holders.
2. Create Merchandise and develop the Fox Hunt brand
Q4 – 2022
1. Explore 3D rendering of the Fox Hunt NFTs for future drops
2. Explore metaverse integration
3. Explore stakepool operating possibilities
Stay tuned for more ……….