Chapter 1 – The story of the fox warriors.

Foxes have been around for thousands of years 📆 symbolizing cleverness, mischievousness and good luck. They inhabit almost all continents on earth and form part of human folklore and mythologies related to countless cultures. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 🗺️ But recently they have been betrayed by humans. In Europe the humans started to hunt foxes for sport 🔫 . The Foxes in Europe have sent word to all corners of the earth, which has caused an uproar in the fox communities around the world. All Fox communities embarked on a mission to save their fellow foxes from the hunters. They decided to host a fighting tournament in order to gather a team of the bravest and most fearsome fox warriors to fight the human hunters. ⚔️ Sadly, the current generation’s fighters alone were not enough to stop the human hunters.:Fire: This lead to the decimation of fox communities, and the remaining foxes became nomads, scavengers and lone travelers. In Namibia🇳🇦 one of the last remaining fox tribes gathered in secret and came up with a new plan. They would send one Fox to travel through time, in search of the best warrior Foxes from all generations (past and future). They called him Foxtronaut 🚀🪐 ⏲️ , and so he began the journey through time and space in search of those warrior Foxes to change the past, to put a stop to the sport known as Fox Hunting.⚔️


Chapter 2 the story of the baby foxes.


Due to all the Foxes not showing up for battle, and remaining Foxes not being skilled enough, the Foxes did not stand a chance. They had to retreat with their tails between their legs. Foxtronaut came up with a new plan which could potentially save the fox race.:CoolMadFox: :Crying: Foxtronaut would travel back in time to when the majority of the fox warriors were still younglings so he could train them and prepare for what is to come. The task would not be easy, there are always major risk  when time travelling. Luckily those were risks that Foxtronaut was willing to take. He returned to his ship and set the time for 30 years prior. While time traveling the ship took some damage, and Foxtronaut was unknowingly exposed to the effects of the reverse time travel. When he finally reached the destination of 30 years prior. The strangest thing occurred, Foxtronaut himself aged backwards to when he was a youngling himself. Now he has to prepare and train the young foxes while being a youngling himself